Meeting Time: April 07, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT

Where: 915 I Street, Council Chambers, 1st Floor Published by the Department of Human Resources Sacramento, CA 95814

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4. Accessibility in City Parks and Recreation Facilities Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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    Sonya Bingaman over 2 years ago

    We support all efforts to expand the elements of parks and recreation in Sacramento to include elements for all children, including physical access for all children, and elements that take sensory, visual, and hearing differences into consideration. The more ALL our children can play together as safely as possible, the more we can achieve full inclusion in our city and teach all children (and adults) that each person has value and each has the right to fully access the community. Thank you for all your efforts to create an inclusive community.

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    Charles Laver over 2 years ago

    Can you please make sure in Masterplan for Parks, more attention is paid to design playgrounds that are more accessible and have more universal design incorporated in them, far too many playgrounds don't add more features for a broader group of children. It does not need to be overly expensive or complicated, the city planners and architects need to do a better job!! Several playgrounds have recently been completed and do not provide a valuable play experience for special kids!! I believe you can press upon the city and the leaders of the 2040 Park Masterplan that they need to design and build better playgrounds where all kids can integrate and have fun. Also, more needs to be done to add more inclusive programming for special kids that attend parks and playgrounds. Be creative and imaginative and reach out to more of the special needs populations, make sure language is added to master plan that reflects the above info, to add more inclusive play features and better programming.