Meeting Time: March 03, 2021 at 6:00pm PST

Where: 915 I Street, Council Chambers, 1st Floor Published by the Department of Human Resources Sacramento, CA 95814

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3. The City's 2021-2029 Housing Element

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    Sonya Bingaman over 2 years ago

    Adults with developmental disabilities who rely on SSI income are extremely limited in their housing options. There is a great need for safe, affordable, and accessible housing in the City of Sacramento and the greater Sacramento region that will allow individuals with disabilities to move out of family homes or residential care homes and into their own apartments. The goal is for individuals to be as independent and included in their local community as possible. Every additional option for affordable housing is appreciated.

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    Heather Fargo over 2 years ago

    Commissioners and staff - Please support and expedite H20 the Universal Design Ordinance, and go further by requiring that some percentage from 1-10% of ALL NEW HOUSING, apartments and SF houses, be zero entry to allow those of us who are mobility impaired to have access. Since you identify that we have 11% of residents with disabilities and an aging population it only makes sense to build for the future. If you don't require it, it won't happen; and we aren't talking about a lot of additional costs, just access.