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3. Parks and Community Enrichment Commission Workplan for 2021 and Parks and Community Enrichment Commission 2021 Meeting Calendar

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    Bennett Berman over 2 years ago

    To whom it may concern in the City Council,

    Hi, good evening, my name is Bennett Berman and I am a Senior in the IB Program at Inderkum High School. I am currently resided in District 1 in Natomas and it has come to my attention that there is an opportunity of constructing a Futsal Court in North Natomas. I personally believe it is extremely beneficial for the community to utilize the unused tennis courts in Sycamore Park as a new Futsal Court. Since the only other Futsal Court that is available to us is in Northgate, having one in North Natomas, being more accessible to people living in this region would be very beneficial for the entire soccer community. I hope you take this project into consideration and allow the construction to begin. Thank you for your time and have an excellent rest of your night. 

    Bennett Berman

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    Alor Deng over 2 years ago

    I'm fully in favor of the futsal courts. there are so many tennis courts that are empty whereas soccer is played anywhere and everywhere in the city. it would be nice to have more futsal courts to help the soccer community.

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    Priscilla Magano over 2 years ago

    I support the futsal courts and would be willing to invest

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    Jesse Magano over 2 years ago

    My family supports more futsal surfaces in North Natomas (District 1). Thanks for considering our opinion and our kids love for the game!!

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    Jason Carter over 2 years ago

    In most countries around the world, soccer is first learned by kids playing in the streets. This "organic" learning that comes from playing with your neighborhood friends is not possible for several months of the year in Sacramento as the evening hours are too dark for kids to be playing outside. However, with lighted futsal spaces in Natomas, the opportunity to play with your friends in your neighborhood becomes accessible. The growth and popularity of soccer and futsal is evident as the courts at Northgate Park are full on a daily basis. These courts were under-utilized tennis courts that were converted to futsal, and a similar opportunity presents itself in North Natomas. While there are several tennis courts within walking/biking distance of my neighborhood, there are no futsal courts. Some soccer coaches have taken the initiative to play on the tennis courts anyway. These under-utilized courts should be officially converted to futsal to create safe places to play for our youth.

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    Juan Guillen over 2 years ago

    Futsal is a very fun sport that is nearly identical to soccer; the key differences between soccer and futsal is the terrain they are played on. Soccer is played on large turf or grass fields, whereas futsal is played on a smaller paved area such as a tennis court. There are many tennis courts with lighting in the community which can accommodate one to four people at a time. There are no soccer fields or futsal courts with lighting, and these are sports of higher demand in the area. Converting a well-lit tennis court into a futsal court would easily accommodate ten to thirty people at a time. Our youth would benefit the most out of this conversion; physical and mental health would be elevated significantly, and the community would grow stronger in and around Sycamore Park.
    Juan N. Guillen
    Master Sergeant
    United States Marine Corps

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    Sandra Reyes over 2 years ago

    I and over 100 other residents from District 1 want 1 tennis court from Sycramore Park converted into a Futsal Court. We feel converting the court would be a better use of space. The tennis courts are not frequented often, and when they are, a single court can only accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Futsal Courts accommodate more people and I feel that creating a wider variety of public sport facilities would be of great benefit for our community by being more inclusive. Our public parks typically consist of tennis courts, a basketball court, a playground, and sometimes the occasional soccer field (with the skeletons of goals). From my house, there are five different sets of tennis courts within two square miles. Soccer facilities are much harder to come by, and introducing just one futsal court would be a step in the right direction in terms of catering to all interests and members of our community. Please convert this tennis court into Futsal and not the one at BlackBird Park.

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    Creed Larrucea over 2 years ago

    Putting the development of safe places to play soccer, futsal, street soccer, sand soccer on the city's calendar and agenda. We have sponsors lined up that will fund these projects and give our diverse city more soccer. The missing link is being on the City of Sacramento's radar and the planning of these projects. Currently our city has a plethora of tennis courts and baseball courts that are for predominantly white and wealthy residents. Sacramento is diverse ethnically and socioeconomically and needs to utilize park spaces and resources that represent it's constituents. Having tennis courts with free lights provides services for mostly white upper class residents while only having non-lighted, fee based or in most cases no facilities for soccer is tragically missing underserved demographics. The 1980s, 1990s Sacramento was called a "baseball" town. Time to adapt and move into 2020 with parks features that represent our current demographics that play soccer.