Meeting Time: May 21, 2019 at 5:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5. Contract Amendment: Exclusive Food and Beverage Service Provider at Convention Center Complex File ID: 2019-00668

  • Valerie_headshot
    Valerie Williams, Executive Fellow about 5 years ago

    The California Urban Partnership strongly urges you to vote NO on the exclusive Centerplate catering contract for the Sacramento Convention Center today. Exclusive contracts are not consistent with the city’s principles around inclusive economic development. While the proposed caterer appears to be a reputable business, the city of Sacramento is fundamentally excluding all other caterers in the region from catering opportunities with the Sacramento Convention Center. Food is the center and a very sacred part of many cultures and by not allowing a list of catering options to Convention Center event planners until 2034 is not only unacceptable but oppressive to other catering businesses. By awarding this contract the city is sending a message that the city of Sacramento is only diverse in its people and not its economic development policies. Please consider adopting an equitable list of caterers for the Sacramento Convention Center event planners to choose from on an ongoing basis.

  • Default_avatar
    Christopher Lodgson about 5 years ago

    In light of recent efforts to create so-called inclusive economic growth here in Sacramento, i urge the council and mayor to remove this item from the consent calendar and place it on the discussion calendar. The contract itself, if continued, would make the company in question the exclusive food and beverage service provider at the Convention Center Complex for a combined 25 years. This is anti-competitive. And anti-inclusive economic growth. Furthermore, Sacramento's A.D.O.S owned businesses, that is, those businesses owned by Sacramentans who are American Descendants of Slavery need to be prioritized in the procurement of future City contracts.