Meeting Time: April 20, 2023 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

4. Florin Road Highway Safety Improvement Projects. File ID: 2023-00427

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    Heidi Kerr 8 months ago

    As a resident of this community, I support these highway safety improvements currently being considered by the city council. I believe this project is a necessary and important step in improving our city's infrastructure and making it more livable and walkable for all residents. I hope the council will consider additional projects like that this that protect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and reduce the fatalities as a result of our city's reliance on cars. I'm also supportive of the improvements to make bus stops more ADA accessible.

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    Matthew Kessing 8 months ago

    Are the current recommendations for Florin Road consistent with the requirements of resolution number 2019-0460? I'd like to compare what is being proposed against the formal complete streets policy that the 2019 resolution says the City should have, but the most recent design standard I can find for roads is dated 2009.

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    Dan Allison 8 months ago

    Though the information provided is vague, this sounds like a primarily motor vehicle project rather than a pedestrian and bicyclist safety project. Pedestrian fencing is biased against people walking. There are multiple commercial driveways in these sections, allowing drivers to access exactly what they want, yet people walking are prohibited from the same access and must travel well out of their way to access commercial businesses. Pedestrians will use the mid-block turn lanes to cross, in any case, so fencing doesn't really provide any safety benefit. The document does not make clear which medians are being changed - the roadway center medians or the frontage road medians, or both. Without design details, this is too vague a project (and therefore unlikely to receive HSIP funding, which requires a high level of documentation and justification).

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    Jacob Solorio 8 months ago

    I fully support efforts like this coming from the city, and would like to add that there should be collaboration with SacRT to add bus lanes to the corridor! The 81 is one of the highest-ridership routes and can absolutely support bus lanes in its current form.