Meeting Time: April 18, 2023 at 1:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

5. Ordinance Adding Chapter 3.156 to the Sacramento City Code, Relating to Community Benefits Agreements File ID: 2023-00351

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    Devin Strecker over 1 year ago

    This ordinance was recently brought to the attention of the River District, but unfortunately we have not yet had time to review or take action on it. We do have some concerns about restrictions being put on development, which could have a stifling effect as we are trying to build a more robust, inclusive neighborhood here in the River District to support the smart growth of downtown Sacramento. We would appreciate more time to be able to evaluate and provide input on this ordinance.

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    Cathy Creswell over 1 year ago

    On behalf of the Sacramento Housing Alliance, we urge the Committee to adopt the standards for the ordinance as described by the Sacramento Investment without Displacement (SIWD) Coalition. The current proposal does not reflect the spirit and intent of the agreement reached by the City and SWID and would mean the ordinance would likely never be imposed. In addition, specific minimum benefits must be outlined by the ordinance and there must be a more meaningful process for community engagement and enforcement. Thank you