Meeting Time: April 04, 2023 at 1:00pm PDT

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    Patricia Johnson 8 months ago

    I support the TAHO. It is very important for renters to be treated fairly while they are being overcharged. I've known many immigrants who lost their homes in 2009 and then moved to tiny 2 bedroom apartments, all 3 generations crammed in. They have not earned more money. Their rent keeps going up. I knew a landlord that was able to get private loans from his parents. He had 20 rental units at that time, making plenty of money. A few months ago, he decided to raise the rent 20% for one tenant that was living in a small trailer, raising sheep and cultivating vegetables for sale. The tenant couldn't leave and he had minimal income to pay for that huge increase in rent. There are manuy examples i know of renters being harassed. Landlords shouldn't be protected. They are getting lots of tax breaks.
    Thank you. Patricia Johnson, Wellstone Progressive Democrats.
    It is so important, I hope you will support the TAHO.