Meeting Time: February 14, 2023 at 5:00pm PST

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    Jennifer Jones 10 months ago

    I would like to understand why the city has given City Manager Chan a 42% raise over his initial salary in just a 6 year period? Our city is an absolute mess and it has gotten worse under Mayor Steinberg and Howard Chan. The people of the Deerfield/ Mesa Grande neighborhood have been dealing with toxic smoke for over 4 years. The police and fire have failed to respond to numerous calls and have even tasked unpaid citizens with investigating the source. They have lied repeatedly about there being no evidence of plastic and other toxins being burnt. I have photographic evidence and will be having an air quality test done the next time our air is contaminated. Council member Mai Vang and her team facilitated the encampments move last summer, but did not provide a place for these people to go. As a result we had decent air for a few months and now they are back to illegally burning toxic materials. Your police force does not get to decide which laws to enforce when it's convenient for them. We have air quality laws for a reason! I would like to know what the mayor, city manager and the rest of the council members plan to do about this problem? The homeless population has grown exponentially under your leadership. You haven't even added enough beds to cover those that were homeless before you took office Mayor Steinberg. Either do something about the issues the people of Sacramento are facing or resign. Lining the pockets of failed leaders is not and never has been the answer. If I do not see movement to combat this health and safety risk to the community, we will be forced to take legal action against the city of Sacramento. We have rights too, and those rights are being violated.

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    Miguel Barraza, Mr. 10 months ago

    Thanks for ending the past meeting after several warnings, public safety is important . Miguel ,union proud.

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    Resident Sacramento 10 months ago

    Would like to get an item on the agenda if possible, can we extend the no camping band to include parks and Parkways that are already posted no camping zones are green spaces are becoming vandalized trashed and unsafe for residence to use