Meeting Time: October 20, 2021 at 5:30pm PDT
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4. Communities of Interest: Adopt Boundaries File ID: 2021-01196

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    Stuart Gow over 2 years ago

    It's extremely disappointing that the chat and phone lines for public comment during this meeting were disabled with no notification. Why would the line be closed? I wanted to speak, there were still several people left to speak when I tried to call, but the line was closed.
    I was calling to support the COI that is North Sacramento and the land south of the 160 to the river. There is absolutely no reason for that area to be part of a district south of the river. I hope this commission will correct an injustice done during then last redistricting and give the businesses and river back to north Sacramento. Importantly the commission should also consider that not one district north of the American river has any river territory within its boundaries. In other words the river is controlled by three districts that are all south of the river. This is not only incredibly inequitable but fails to comply with natural geography and the idea of district compactness.

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    Shirley Toy over 2 years ago

    Please identify the Central City as a community-of-interest:

    This area has been impacted the most by the unhoused residents of Sacramento. Their presence is unavoidable and it has been heartbreaking to see so many people without shelter. As a long time resident who plans to live in midtown for the rest of my life, we have a common interest to advocate for the needed services that the City can provide to get the unhoused into housing.

    Living in the Central City, we are also impacted the most by the traffic coming downtown either for business or work, or for entertainment and dining and there needs to be a coordinated approach to transit and traffic planning for the Central City - including parking issues in order to meet the needs of the residents/businesses as well as the needs of the workers and the people coming downtown for entertainment.

    Please designate the Central City (per C 021 or C 022) as a community of interest

    Shirley Toy
    1920 27th Street 95816

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    Petra Lee over 2 years ago

    My name is Petra Lee, and I’m a Queer woman living near midtown and downtown.
    I am asking that the commission identify Central City, in line with submission C_021 or C_022 in the supplemental staff report as a community interest for a number of reasons.
    First, the midtown and downtown community is made up of a lot of renters and queer folks, many of whom need tenant protection programs and have similar interests in being able to afford and live in the areas. As the City implements renter protection programs, it’s important to keep this group of folks to protect themselves and choose an appropriate City Councilor.
    This area also is dealing with a crisis of disproportionately high numbers of unhoused folks. The neighborhoods have common interests to advocate for projects such as safeground, housing and services for folks.

    I respectfully ask that the commission identify the Central City as a community-of-interest, in line with submission C_021 or C_022 in the supplemental staff report.

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    Veronica Beaty over 2 years ago

    My name is Veronica Beaty and I'm a member of the queer community who rents in midtown and works in downtown. As someone who spends almost all their time in the Central City, I ask that the commission identify it as a community-of-interest, in line with submission C_021 or C_022 in the supplemental staff report. The Central City has a shared economic interest by virtue of its concentration of renters, who are often wildly underrepresented in municipal government decision making. As the City implements new local and state protections for tenants, it is crucial that renters are effectively represented. The Central City also shares a social interest -- our queer communities' members and institutions, such as the Lavender Library, Lavender Heights venues, and the LGBT Community Center, are centered in the central city, and we have a shared interest in preserving and enhancing these cultural assets.
    Thank you for your consideration of my comments.

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    Kirk Vyverberg over 2 years ago

    Two lessons come from past Redistricting lessons: 10Splitting the City Core between several districts leads to better consensus decision-making for our major area of common concern, while preventing power from residing in the hands of a de facto Vice Mayor. 2) Using major transportation corridors as district boundaries can make mapping easier, but fails to see that they are the focal point for the City’s future growth and hold the potential for the development of walkable neighborhood centers. Example: Broadway’s west end is the Main Street of Land Park, NOT Downtown. (See COI maps 27/28)

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    Lauren Hammond over 2 years ago

    What is the real purpose of the Community of Interest Maps? Is it what neighbors think their community boundaries are? The Black population can be found throughout the city with the exception of East Sacramento, Land Park and Tahoe Park. For Black people the areas of interest include traditional communities like Del Paso Heights, Oak Park and Meadowview. But it also includes places where there are Black institutions like churches, community centers i.e., Florin Road Market Square and other Black owned businesses and properties. I drew a map of the Parkway neighborhood because it is bifurcated by the unincorporated county but has always identified with Meadowview and other neighborhoods south of Florin Road. That is not the only community where Black people reside but all the other COIs were drawn and I could not draw over them. The Parkway map should reflect my name and the Greater Sacramento NAACP. Thank you.

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    Alan LoFaso over 2 years ago

    Thank you to the staff for including the COI map I submitted. (I separately emailed the clerk about why I submitted two maps. I had some technical issues with the mapper.) I have a conflict and therefore I won’t be able to speak during the comment period at tomorrow’s meeting— but, I wanted to respond to a question posed to my submission. The information is not from the past. It is based on a model of LGBTQ+ community/political support developed by the statewide LGBTQ+ statewide advocacy organization, Equality California (EQCA), using current/2020-21 information. A “heat map” that graphically represents the data supporting the boundaries is the attachment included with the submission. As stated with the sub mission, the goal was to show contiguous boundaries to the COI and to reflect whole neighborhoods. Therefore, it is admittedly an interpretation of the data/“heat map.”) Apologies for not making this clearer in the original submission.

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    Casey Thompson over 2 years ago

    Dear commissioners,
    My name is Casey Thompson and I’m a renter in Midtown Sacramento. I ask that the commission identify the Central City, in line with submission C_021 or C_022 in the supplemental staff report, as a community-of-interest because there’s a high concentration of renters and apartments in the Central City. Renters have shared social and economic interests that require effective representation, especially as the city implements its tenant protection programs and considers future pandemic-related tenant protections. We also have a disproportionate number of unhoused residents in the Central City who need services and housing. Our community has a shared interest in getting our neighbors the housing and services they need.

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    Heather Fargo over 2 years ago

    Hello - it is very unclear to me what the SIRC is being asked to vote on regarding the Community of Interest maps. Can you explain before the discussion starts. Can you also explain if we were supposed to critique others' maps? and Vote on those we liked? I also don't understand what the votes are for. The South Natomas community would have done that if we had known. Thank you.