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    Tommy Young over 3 years ago

    On Sunday Aug 16 the City is threatening to seize and auction or destroy all property of the LaunchPad on City-owned property at 1400 Del Paso Blvd without any court filings; writ of possession or unlawful detainer. I am amazed that the City is pressing forth with this eviction relying on bullying tactics.

    The LaunchPad was the recipient of a $25,000 Creative Economy grant and one of it's biggest success stories as it raised almost $20k for local groups. Covid has made finding a new space almost impossible. Negotiating a lease during a pandemic to build a new placemaking space is fraught with economically devastating consequences. The Citys bullying tactics include describing many of the LaunchPads features (boat playground, musical equipment, shipping containers, pallet treehouse) as "junk" and threatening to sue for holes made to install solar for security cameras. The City is making a potentially costly mistake in doing this and I'd like to speak to someone.

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    Maggie Maue over 3 years ago

    Stop giving more money to the police! Every single comment on here is opposed to more police funding, yet you continue to ignore us. Listen to the people you are supposed to serve.