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11. (Housing Authority) Approval of Homekey Program Application File ID: 2020-00877

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    Sasha Wirth over 3 years ago

    Good afternoon Mayor and City Councilmembers. This is Sasha Wirth, Vice President and Chief Development Officer here at Saint John’s Program for Real Change. I attempted to call in during the meeting to comment, but the topic was already closed. We urge the City to approve participation in the HomeKey Program and approve Saint John’s 20-unit Housing Village. This village will provide affordable housing quickly, with a 50-year lifespan, and will be able to help many women and their families into permanent supportive housing situations.

    Average association of clients served: District 1: 7% D2: 7% D3: 20% D4: 9% D5: 18%, D6: 23% D7: 8% D8: 8%.

    With support from the City Council, Community Development and Public Works Departments to streamline project approvals, an accelerated timeline to bring this affordable housing online is within our reach.

    We thank you for the long-standing support of our program and we thank you for your consideration to participate in the HomeKey Program.

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    Scarlette Bustos over 3 years ago

    I support the proposal of SHRA to submit an application to the state of California Home Key Program for the amount of up to 12 million to build housing for the unhoused community. Please support our unhoused community. Thank you.

    - Scarlette Bustos

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    Josh Daniels over 3 years ago

    While I agree that housing the homeless is critical, the River District cannot be the location for this project. The District has the highest concentration of unsheltered individuals in the region already. The challenges caused by this are unique to the District and threaten it's revitalization. The concentration of homeless,social services providers and almost 500 shelter beds, has created vicious cycle: the homeless come for the services and the services come for the homeless. Adding another 272 bedrooms in the district is irresponsible and shortsighted.
    I am asking you not to continue to break the promise made by the City Council over thirty years ago in Resolution 89-544, specifically sections 8 and 9, I ask you to honor the agreement made by those who came before you. I wish to register my strong opposition to this item and to adding any further homeless or social services in the River District. Thank you.

    Josh Daniels
    Giggle and Riot
    1515 N C St

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    Bob Erlenbusch over 3 years ago

    SRCEH supports SHRA to apply to receive Project HomeKey funding to acquire, rehab, and operate a motel as a permanent supportive housing project.

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    peter Booher over 3 years ago

    Time and time again, the business owners and property owners of the River District must come before the City Council to beg you to recognize the continuous harm done to the River District by the overconcentration of housing services in this already over impacted district. In 1989 the City passed a resolution, 89-544, to curb the impact of the proliferation of social services. I only wish we could go back to the level of 1989, things are so much worse now. Every street in the district has piles of trash and filth generated by the people on the street. This proposal will do NOTHING to help with the problems we already have. It will only ADD almost 250 MORE people than we already have. These new people will have nothing to do during the day but wonder around the District, get involved in crime, and add to the drug problem. We have often said "enough is enough" , but there NEVER seems to be enough.

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    Mike Jaske over 3 years ago

    SacACT supports the Housing Authority to apply to receive Project HomeKey funding to acquire, rehab, and operate a motel as a permanent supportive housing project.

    See our letter dated August 10, 2020.

    Mike Jaske, Co-Chair
    SacACT Homeless and Housing Committee