Meeting Time: January 14, 2020 at 2:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

12. Declaration of a Shelter Crisis File ID: 2019-01835

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    Bob Erlenbusch 4 months ago

    The Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness strongly supports the declaration of a shelter emergency - and extending the period for a year.

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    Cathy Creswell 4 months ago

    The Sacramento Housing Alliance urges support for Consent Item 12 adopting a resolution to Declare a Shelter Crisis pursuant to Government Code Section 8698.2. Adoption of the Declaration will enable the City take immediate and necessary actions to ensure people experiencing homelessness can be sheltered and get the housing they so desperately need. As the tragedy of homelessness has grown in our city, it is imperative the City adopt strategies that match the scale of the crisis. This Declaration is an important step in harnessing all necessary resources to make to ensure Sacramento can end the growth in people experiencing homelessness and make significant progress to ensure everyone has a safe, accessible and affordable place to call home. Thank you. Cathy Creswell, SHA Board President