Meeting Time: January 07, 2020 at 5:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

20. Ordinance Adding Chapters 5.86 and 5.90 to and Amending Chapter 5.88 and Various Sections of Chapter 12.72 of the Sacramento City Code Relating to Mobile Service Vehicles, Outdoor Vending, and Sidewalk Vending and Establishment of Fees to Administer Sidewalk Vending Program (Noticed 11/22/2019 & 11/27/2019; Passed for Publication 11/12/2019; Published 11/15/2019) [Continued from 12/03/2019] File ID: 2019-01586

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    Shira Lane 5 months ago

    Many of the conversations on this specific ordinance have been around food vendors, but this ordinance also pertains to artists, musicians, and craft vendors. Adding fees and proposed restrictions may be perceived as the city seeking ways to extract fees and fines from those who have little. It is unclear what previous issues are, or were that this ordinance should be enforced. Also might add this enforcement would impose a cost to the city, which is put on the burden of the vendors. It seems this ordinance would create a confusing hurdle for interested vendors and background checks would inhibit those trying to build a clean start for themselves. Please take this into consideration as you make your decision, thank you.