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5. Ordinance Amending Sections 8.132.030 and 8.132.050 of the Sacramento City Code, Relating to Illegal Cultivation of Cannabis (Passed for Publication 12/03/2019; Published 12/06/2019) File ID: 2019-01743

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    Bruce Wayne, HMFIC over 4 years ago

    The City ordinance clearly prohibits the transfer of ownership of any dispensary permit, whether directly or indirectly. According to city code, transfer of dispensary permit ownership is subject to automatic termination and revocation of the offending permit. However, despite the law; City Hall refuses to terminate the offending permits. Incontrovertible historical evidence shows that former and active city officials, and employees have intentionally allowed the unlawful transfer and consolidation of 25 out of 30 dispensary permits. It’s a fact; City Hall employee’s and officials have allowed the unlawful consolidation of 25 dispensary permits into the hands of organized crime; possibly for bribes and quid pro quo. This illegal cartel, facilitated by City Hall, is guilty of a "pay to play" scheme; a conspiracy to defraud the the public; utilizing various methods and means which violate of RICO and ANTI-TRUST Law.