Meeting Time: September 24, 2019 at 5:00pm PDT
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40. Ordinance Amending Section 17.404.030.D of the Sacramento City Code, Prohibiting Auto Service, Mini Storage, Accessory Drive-Through, and Drive-Through Restaurant Uses in the Broadway-Stockton Special Planning District (M19-013) [In lieu of Pass for Publication the ordinance will be published in its entirety within 10 days of adoption] {Noticed 09/13/2019} File ID: 2019-01340

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    Annette Christensen over 4 years ago

    I am very concerned that restricting or prohibiting drive-through uses of businesses on Stockton Blvd. will deter new business, potential job creation and the general use-ability of the boulevard. Please oppose this proposal and support the continuing revitalization of this neighborhood.

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    James Murphy over 4 years ago

    I am a local accountant with a practice in Sacramento for ten years. I was astonished to hear that the City Council is considering a measure to prohibit car washes in the Stockton corridor. What better way to clean-up blighted acreage and employ LOCAL, unskilled labor than a gleaming new, prosperous facility in the area? Instead, someone is apparently content with the poverty and trash that’s symptomatic of cities in decline. This makes no sense. Please make the right decision and help both the city and its citizens by allowing a sensible, legitimate business grow and thrive along with its neighbors in the community.

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    Janet Delahoussaye over 4 years ago

    On behalf of Stockton Plaza Partners, LLC, we strongly oppose the proposed restriction ordinance for Drive-Through uses. Please distribute the attached letter addressed to the City Council, to each council person. Thank you.

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    Barbara Steinberg over 4 years ago

    Dear Mayor and Councilmembers - There is so much potential for Stockton Boulevard to grow and evolve. This ordinance stifles that growth. Please consider modifying to allow a case-by-case review with conditional use permits for future projects. But allow the Quick Quack project to proceed - they have already invested so much in this proposal which would bring employment to the neighborhood and resolve one blighted property. Yes, I want more housing but that will be a long time coming and (when it does) I want more than just low income and projects that will include mixed use residential and retail. Many neighbors have positively embraced the Quick Quack proposal and there's been little or not input from property or business owners about this blanket denial of all future Auto Service, Mini Storage, Accessory Drive-Through, and Drive-Through Restaurant Uses in the Broadway-Stockton Special Planning District,

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    Heather Fargo over 4 years ago

    Mayor and Councilmembers - I urge you to rethink this proposal. We placed limits on uses on Northgate Blvd and it has stymied much needed investment, upgrades to existing businesses (now out of conformance) and frankly not been effective in attracting businesses. On behalf of others with mobility issues who seek drive through services, it's just not always an option to get into a sit down restaurant. I drive 4 miles to Broadway to access a drive through pharmacy. Well designed drive throughs can be a blessing, especially near a regional hospital, with folks driving long distances to take their very ill loved ones to UCDMC. They would certainly benefit from the drive through coffee business. Please consider the unintended consequences of your actions. Your desire for a truly walkable community may be better served with a mix of uses and your interest in more businesses and jobs may be stunted. I urge you to rethink this proposal. Thank you and good luck. Heather Fargo

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    Martin Rosenberg over 4 years ago

    Stockton Boulevard from Broadway to 65th Street, particularly the stretch south of 21st Avenue, is pockmarked with urban economic blight and dim prospects for improvement. This area needs viable, near-term development to bring jobs, stimulate further development, and improve the vitality of this commercial corridor. There are now a few daring enterprises, but we need more. The proposed amendment to the Broadway-Stockton Special Planning District would severely limit prospects for this needed economic growth, and I urge you to adopt instead the compromise amendment offered by the Stockton Boulevard Partnership.

    This compromise, one which reflects economic reality, will encourage and support economic improvement. A blanket smothering of prospects that don’t fit lofty ideals, which may take decades to achieve, will surely bring further decay and worsen our plight. Please vote instead for a more selective, studied approach that will truly help our business corridor.

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    Bill Motmans over 4 years ago

    This ordinance is being rushed through without adequate notice or discussion. There are huge swaths of Stockton Blvd. which are vacant and and in need of development. Emphasizing the need for housing is admirable, but services are still needed. Riding a jump bike or scooter is not a viable option for many. The city continues to "ban" and "prohibit" evil activities such as driving and/or owning a car, while continuing to support the burgeoning marijuana cultivation business, which it sees as good, even without knowing the long term health or economic effects.