Meeting Time: November 27, 2018 at 5:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

1. Sacramento Convention Center Renovation and Expansion Project and the Community Center Theatre Renovation Project (M17100100) - Tree Removal File ID: 2018-01582

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    Gretchen Steinberg over 5 years ago

    I oppose the removal of 96 trees with insufficient mitigation for their loss. It is a sad and unintentional irony that the “Heart of California” — a sculpture of a giant heart with tree branches growing out of the arteries — will be installed at the Convention Center after the destruction of the site’s healthy canopy. Trees make our city livable. City leaders must ensure our healthy and mature canopy is protected, preserved, and expanded. If we keep clearcutting for each new project, we will lose our ability to defend Sacramento from the ravages of global warming. As you already know, trees improve air quality, reduce temperatures, and are critical to our health and well-being. Please demand that project designs do a better job integrating with our existing tree canopy. Not only for C3, but for all current and future projects. If healthy trees must be destroyed to make way for projects, we must insist on replacements that match or exceed our current canopy. Our future depends on it.

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    Judith Lamare over 5 years ago

    This item should not be on the consent calendar. This is the only time that the public has had information about the extent of tree removal and the mitigation for tree removal on this project. The EIR was certified in June, without providing this information, or noticing the public that 96 tree removal permits would be granted. The item deserves a full public hearing.