Meeting Time: July 25, 2017 at 2:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

04. Ordinance Adding Chapter 8.134 and Chapter 12.100 to the Sacramento City Code, Relating to Aggressive or Intrusive Solicitation and Targeted Residential Picketing; Amending Various Sections of Chapter 8.68, Chapter 12.72, Section 12.74.030, and Chapter 15.52 Relating to Noise Regulations, Parks, Park Buildings, and Recreational Facilities, the City Hall Facilities, and Vacant Buildings File ID: 2017-00975

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    Paula Lomazzi over 6 years ago

    I heard that proposed changes to solicitation ordinance includes restricting from 200 feet from an intersection which in some areas include normal sidewalk and public space usage. Another point on the seeming purpose of this restriction, if a driver pulls over their car in an unsafe manner to give someone money, wouldn't that be the drivers responsibility and there fore requiring the city to address the issue with the vehicle code?
    Another item on the attachment requires vacant alcoves be boarded up or otherwise gated which would make sure that homeless people or other pedestrians have no where to get out of the rain without bothering an alcove of a business that is not vacant. Don't you think that boarded up entryways is a bit more of an eyesore?
    Please don't crack down on already sufficient aggressive Solicitation ordinances. Project free speech actually and technically.