Meeting: City Council

Meeting Time: July 18, 2017 at 5:00pm PDT
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    na na almost 6 years ago

    Pan Handle Sign
    Requesting that the City of Sacramento place "No Pan Handling" signs at all major intersections in and around Sacramento City. Example is the City of Antioch.
    By having an increase in the percentage of homeless in Sacramento, there is also in increase in pan handling. This eliminates a sense of giving, per say, that most individuals would feel when confronted with the issue of poverty. However, with the ever presence of pan handling, the overall need or will to give to those in need is deduced. I am suspecting that by decreasing the presence and constant banter of individuals requesting money, that the overall image and cleanliness of the city streets will increase, with a correlated effect of decrease of crime, theft, accidents, and hit and runs.
    Thank you.

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    Jennifer Garland almost 6 years ago

    Panama Pottery-support of 10 day eviction/clean-up of property. From personal observation the property is a hazard - electrical, fire, leaky roof, bad flooring, no safety stations or signage to start. Request review of property for health hazards –1. water quality - veify safe to drink - plus some piping may go out onto the property from sinks pouring flowing on property grounds.2. soil - dumping of effluent from sinks on to property including glazes that may contain lead, cobalt, antimony, chromium, etc. 3. air - inside - floor and air dust – silica from glass and glazes and asbestos - the property was not abated by a licensed contractor and that put the residents and artists at risk for asbestosis and no safety precautions in place for abating dust from glass and glazes – with potential for silicosis.4. There were people living there.5. I reported this over 9 months ago. How many 311 and other contacts were made before someone took action.