Meeting Time: January 24, 2017 at 11:00am PST
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6. Implementation of the Remaining Framework for City Transparency and Good Governance Program File ID: 2017-00144

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    Ross Hendrickx over 6 years ago

    Staff Report ID: 2015-00833 Attach B - Framework for recommendations - Outreach/commnty meetings. "Neighborhood Committee" items are omitted from the proposed ordinance
    Setting policies that help promote healthy neighborhoods and communities
    Specially designated City Council meetings for Neighborhood/Community Assns
    Disenfranchised communities - How do they become engaged ?
    Consider neighborhood planning councils
    Neighborhood committees
    Ross Hendrickx
    Del Paso Heights Community Assn

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    Nicolas Heidorn over 6 years ago

    Dear Members of Law & Legislation Committee,

    On behalf of Common Cause and the League of Women Voters, we are excited and supportive of the direction the ethics package is going! We understand from staff that this is only a preliminary draft; we look forward to seeing the full proposal at the next L&L meeting. In revisiting, we'd urge L&L and staff to add some Policies elements into the Code (eg Nepotism) and not create an unusual enforcement exemption for ethics.


    --Nicolas Heidorn